All of the above are draft principles for this project and are based on the discussions that Transition Network has had on Regional Networks with Transition Groups. They are not fixed and will develop along with the project.


Principles of Regional Networks and Hubs

  • A culture of collaboration not competition is the aim.
  • Regional networks and hubs should exist to support Transition Groups, not to create more work.
  • Regional networks and hubs should be run by their members. 
  • They should be accountable and democratic to the people involved in them.
  • They should allow for representatives to be chosen to represent areas in the wider Global Transition Network.
  • There is a recognition that we are part of a wider movement and wish to support others to develop Transition effectively.


This Projects principles:

  • We are here to learn from existing work being carried out by Transition Groups in the UK, it is a two way process of development.
  • All regional networks will be different, it is up to the Transition Groups to define their purpose and role to best fit their needs.
  • We are not here to tell groups what to do, but we do have ideas to share which we hope can be useful and we welcome constructive feedback.
  • We want to help support existing regional networks to develop and new ones to emerge and define themselves.
  • We recognise that this is emergent process and that it is an experiment, so we expect successes and failures (which are really successes as they provide learning).