Supporting regional networks of Transition groups to develop and emerge within the United Kingdom and investigating the possibility of a England and/or Wales Transition National Hub

9 gatherings throughout the England over the next 3 months with the aim of supporting Regional Networks of Transition Groups to form and grow

Transition London and South East

Regional Networks story so far:

The Transition Movement is celebrating its 10th Birthday – its really been only 10 years!

As the Movement has grown, it has become clear that energy should be put towards co-designing a National Hub starting from the wants and needs of Transition Initiatives themselves. This project is part of that conversation.

What have we been up to?

After extensive mapping of Transition activity across the country, we can now reliably say that there are around 250 initiatives across the UK and Ireland identifying as Transition Towns and many more grassroots environmental organisations not directly identifying with the Transition model.

We’ve noticed networks building up in London and the South East, East Kent, the North West, Herefordshire and Buckinghamshire. We would like to catalyse that shared action to explore whether it would be beneficial to strengthen local ties across Transition Groups and co-design purpose.

This in turn is preparing the ground for a conversation about an Nationwide Hub to join a growing International community of 45 Hubs across the World.



Film of the REconomy Lift event arranged by London and SE Transition hub

Why bother? 2 examples…

Transition Groups in the North West met last year and found a greater sense of network to share experiences and benefit in putting “faces to names”. They also found that meeting together was more effective to talk about how changes in the big picture (e.g. the UN Sustainable Development Goals) relate to Transition and a great way to share local challenges and how to overcome them.

Over the last year, groups in London and the SE have developed a sense of purpose around 7 themes

  • Share learning and experiences
  • Support each other
  • Organise to be part of a bigger picture.
  • Communicate their stories well
  • Connect with other organisations and movements in a spirit of celebration and fun.

This regional hub resulted directly in the event “REconomyLIFT – Local Innovation for Transition” looking at re-imagining local economies and gathering over 70 Transitioners together in the spirit of the 7 themes of the Hub. Check out the 10 minute video of the event on the left and  the blogs HERE and HERE!

Both groups have found great benefit of shared action and greater possibility of connecting with your neighbours to affect greater change.

Why regional networks?

Regional networks are important and can bring a lot of benefits to Transition groups.

Find out why here.

Project Details

Find out more about how this project is supporting and helping to create networks of Transition Groups in the UK.

Read the project plan here.

All the groups in the UK

We now have 250 groups listed as active on the Transition Network website.

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